Indigenous Peoples in Atlantic Canada

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  • June 2006 a National Gathering was convened in Ottawa by Kenny and his wife Louise Blacksmith of Gathering Nations International . This gathering was so pivotal that we must take some time to elaborate on exactly what took place and there is no better person than Kenny himself to share  , so here is his account :


“On June 21, 2006 we gathered in Ottawa as First Nation, Inuit and Métis pastors and leaders to seek after God’s heart for our people and nation. We longed to see His presence manifested among us, but something was in the way. For three days we prayed, praised, worshiped and shared our hearts; we knew, “The time of blaming the white-man was over. The time of blaming the Church was over, and the time of blaming the government was over.” We knew that God was calling into place the prophetic destiny of our people as hosts of our nation for “such a time as this!”
We also acknowledged that not everything was necessarily “well” amongst ourselves as hosts peoples, even long before any settlers arrived on our shores. It is easy to blame others for every wrong and pain we experienced but we knew we had to take ownership and responsibility for the healing, restoration and freedom of our people. In the end, we knew we needed to make things right between ourselves and with God, our Creator.
We repented to each other and forgave each other for historic wrongs. We repented to God and asked for His forgiveness. What happened next, we will never forget. Suddenly we all experienced a baptism of the Father’s love. A new love was birthed in us and we arose with eager expectation and great joy for what God was about to do in our nation! That day we found ourselves with a deep appreciation for all people, churches and governments in our land. We found a new love for Canada! We sang our Canadian anthem not once but twice!
We knew we could not have achieved this on our own – but with God’s help something supernatural had taken place! We completed our time together by agreeing to seal our new-found covenant relations in Christ by signing The Covenant of the First Peoples of Canada. This was a historic treaty written in the Spirit by a coalition of individuals and was intended to be a new spiritual foundation for our nation. This is our vision and mission of our people and nation of Canada written on the tablets of our hearts and covered under the baptism of the Father’s love.”


  • In November 2007 God spoke to a couple from Lennox Island First Nation , PEI who had attended the national gathering the previous year , to go bless the First Nations people throughout Atlantic Canada  which they did over a three week span in December of that year visiting all the reserves in Prince Edward Island , New Brunswick , Nova Scotia and Newfoundland but  unfortunately due to the time of the year could not get to Labrador . Also during this time as they prayed for each community they also took some soil as a prophetic act claiming the land for the Lord Jesus and declaring that his kingdom come . This journey was indeed an act of obedience to a direct word from God and their Pastor sensing that fully supported this couple along with the local congregation.

  • June 11 , 2008 Prime Minister Harper recognized that the absence of an apology for Canada’s role in the misguided policies of the Indian Residential Schools was an impediment to the healing and reconciliation with the Native peoples. Standing in the House of Commons, and on behalf of the Government of Canada, he said: “We are sorry.” He then asked for the forgiveness of the aboriginal people of this country for failing them so profoundly. That same day the above mentioned couple was visiting a very good friend in New York at his ordination followed by a few days of special meetings which the Guest Speaker spoke exclusively on various aspects of forgiveness ! God was indeed confirming what was taking place back in Canada.

  • Summer of 2009 the couple was finally able to visit Labrador and that itself was a divine setup since they were not aware at the time that a trip was being planned for some youth of the church to visit Nain with some adults accompanying…… ..the Lord had indeed provided  the opportunity  to finish the assignment  since Nain was the last community along the Labrador coastline if they took the ferry from Happy Valley-Goose Bay which they did. That meant they were able to briefly stop at each community and bless as God instructed and finally finish the assignment .

  • In the beginning of 2010, Gathering Nations International with a team of First Nation, Inuit and Métis individuals, along with other nations and people groups , launched a five-month Journey of Freedom across Canada to prepare the hearts of our people to release forgiveness and ending at a National Forgiven Summit in Ottawa to coincide with the second anniversary of the apology .God was bringing us the healing power of forgiveness!

  • On June 10, 2010 Kenny Blacksmith along with his daughter Bethanie,  wife Louise and her mother, Mary, representing a family of three generations of survivors of the Indian Residential School policy, met with the Prime Minister and gave him an unsigned copy of the Charter of Forgiveness & Freedom. This declaration permanently documented our response to his apology and to his request for forgiveness

    • On August 3, 2010 Prime Minister Harper in acknowledgement of the National Forgiven Summit, sent a letter stating, “I was deeply moved by the spirit of generosity behind the Charter of Forgiveness…Yet, I also recognized that forgiveness does not remove the obligation of those who caused the wrong.”

    • June 11 -13, 2011 a national coalition of individuals came together, as survivors and children of survivors to officially sign The Charter of Forgiveness & Freedom. A remnant of five thousand strong, with more than two thousand witnesses web-streaming from 20 nations worldwide, declared, “We forgive!”


    • On June 18th 2011 the soil that was collected from each First Nations community a few years back and held until clear instructions was given by God was now being poured out into one pile and prayed over at “Empower Prayer “ an Atlantic Canada Prayer Equipping Summit. The Kingship of Jesus was acknowledged and declared over all First Nations communities in Atlantic Canada.

      • June 18th 2013 initial conversation between the couple and Missionary Kevin Strout about the need to network First Nations across the Atlantic region.

      • In April 2014 couple met with Missionaries Greg and Colleen Kent from Florida . At this initial meeting Greg shared a dream that was passed down to him about the Mi’kmaq people  which is the reason why they were in Atlantic Canada . The very astonishing part about all this is the person who had the dream about the Mi’kmaq lives in the United States and did not even know they actually existed. This was only confirmed after doing a google search !  

      • In the summer of 2014 Dr. Terry and Bev Le Blanc moved to Prince Edward Island after living many years in Western Canada. We believe this is very key since he provides strong theological underpinnings for unique expressions of faith for First Nations Believers that does not deny who they are as a people .


      • In May 2015 the decision to have an Atlantic First Nations Believers Gathering was made.

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