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  1. The True Story of a Jew Who Escaped Hitler, Met Watchman Nee, and Found Jesus in Shanghai

    An amazing new story is being revealed about a survivor from a dark part of history and the remarkable path that brought him to Jesus.
  2. Iraqi Christians Trickling Back Home to Nineveh after ISIS Defeat

    Some 17,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) have returned to their homes in the Nineveh Plains in the last two months.
  3. Nabeel Qureshi's Plea: 'Please Pray For Me! Please Pray That God Will Heal My Whole Body'

    Christian evangelist Nabeel Qureshi, who is battling stage 4 stomach cancer, is asking people around the world to pray for him.
  4. 'I Never Heard About God': Meet the Christians Reaching the Unreached People of Mongolia

    A unique partnership brings Russian and Mongolian Christians together to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in remote regions of Mongolia.
  5. Do You Want to Truly Understand the Holy Spirit? This Creative Video Will Help

    This informative video is helpful for anyone who wants a better understanding of one of the three persons of the Trinity.
  6. 'Answered Prayer': Pastor Released from North Korea Welcomed Home

    Congregants say their prayers were answered.  "We've been waiting for this moment to come and he looks healthier than many of us expected."
  7. Guam's Christians Respond to North Korea's Threats in a Powerful Way

    North Korea's threats to strike Guam with a missile might scare some, but Christians on the island are using it as an opportunity to get on their knees and pray. 
  8. What the Mainstream Media Won't Tell You: The Church in North Korea

    While President Donald Trump and North Korea's dictator Kim Jong Un continue their war of words, South Korean Christians are going on the spiritual offensive, deploying prayers and scriptures.
  9. Archaeologists Believe They've Found Home of Apostles Peter, Andrew and Philip

    Israeli and American archaeologists believe they may have found the biblical city of Bethsaida, home to three of Jesus' apostles.
  10. 11 Christians Massacred in Nigerian Church

    At least 11 people are dead after gunmen attacked a church in southeastern Nigeria on Sunday morning.
  11. Why a Million Muslims Filled the Streets to Hear About Jesus, Right in the Heart of Radical Islam

    In an era where terrorists often target Christians and radical Islam is tainting peace-loving Muslims, one brave Christian evangelist is building bridges in places so dangerous, most travelers have written them off. Well-known Bible teacher and evangelist Marilyn Hickey believes those dangerous places are fertile territory for planting seeds of love.
  12. Christian Group Raising Millions to Help Iraqi Persecuted Church

    The Knights of Columbus are working to raise millions of dollars to resettle persecuted Christians in Iraq. 
  13. Christians Are Some of the Most Generous People, But Not for Reason You'd Think

    A new study reveals that evangelical Christians are some of the most generous tippers in the country, but they disagree on what generosity actually means. 
  14. Iran Denied Christian Prisoner Vital Medical Care

    Maryam Naghash Zargaran endured hardships for her faith while imprisoned in a country known for persecuting believers.
  15. Young Christian Worshippers Killed in Bus Crash

    At least 34 young Christian worshippers are dead after their bus crashed down a steep ravine in central Madagascar Tuesday night. 
  16. How a Car Bomb and U.S. Soldier Led This Iraqi Translator to Christ

    The dramatic story of a man who came face to face with death and met Jesus. 
  17. 8 Baghdad Churches Close as Christians Leave Iraq

    Christians by the hundreds of thousands have fled Iraq since the year 2000, when they represented 10 percent of Iraq's total population.
  18. Hundreds of Muslims Decide to Follow Christ in Finland

    Muslim asylum seekers in Finland are taking a risk of a lifetime and choosing to be followers of Christ. 
  19. Family Says Egyptian Christian Soldier Murdered by Fellow Officers

    The Coptic Christian family of an Egyptian soldier says he was beaten to death by fellow officers because he was a Christian.  
  20. Chinese Officials Crank up Pressure to Close Vacation Bible Schools

    The Chinese state is set on keeping children away from learning about Christianity as new mandates and orders come down hard on churches and believers. 
  21. Nearly Killed by ISIS Cellmates, God Had a Purpose for VOM Worker Imprisoned in Sudan

    A Voice of the Martyrs worker barely escaped death after sharing a cell with ISIS inmates in Sudan, one of whom had slaughtered Egyptian Christians in a video that stunned the world. Now he says the harrowing experience he endured was all for God's glory.

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