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  1. Public Outcry Forces University to Re-Invite Creationist Speaker

    A week after an Oklahoma university refused to let a popular Christian speaker give a presentation on creation on campus, the school has had a sudden change of heart after facing a firestorm of controversy over its initial decision.
  2. Did You Know South Korea Is One of the 'Biggest Exporters' of the Gospel in the World?

    It may come as a surprise to many that South Korea, host of the 2018 Winter Olympics, is one of the "biggest exporters" of the gospel around the world.
  3. Egypt Sentences Coptic Priest Killer to Death

    An Egyptian court sentenced to death a man who was convicted of murdering a Coptic priest near Cairo last year. 
  4. Man With Machete Attacks Christians During Church Service

    A sword-wielding man in Indonesia attacked a church congregation Sunday, seriously injuring four people. 
  5. 'They Were Fascinated About Jesus': Chinese Christian Hits the Road to Offer New Hope in the New Year

    Chinese New Year celebration has officially began this week. Chinese Christian hits the roads, bringing hope and "special messages" from Jesus to the people around the nation. 
  6. 'I Saw Jesus': Woman Disfigured in Church Bombing Had Miraculous Vision

    Samiha Tawfiq Awad came face to face with Jesus when a church bombing left her fighting for her life. 
  7. 'I'm Not Coming to Preach Hate': Franklin Graham Responds to UK Festival Backlash

    Franklin Graham is fighting back against those who are trying to ban him from coming to the UK to preach the gospel.
  8. 'Glory to God': Reinhard Bonnke Reports 845,875 People Accept Christ in Nigeria

    Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke's ministry, Christ for All Nations (CfaN), says 845,875 Nigerians accepted Jesus Christ during his final farewell crusade held late last year in Nigeria.
  9. Trump to North Korean Survivor: 'Your Great Sacrifice Is an Inspiration to Us All'

    One of the most powerful moments during President Trump's State of the Union speech Tuesday night came when he honored Mr. Ji Seong-ho, a North Korean defector who escaped from the communist regime in 2006.
  10. Australian Red Mass a Call to Protect Religious Freedom in Age of 'Militant Secularism'

    Sydney's Archbishop, Most Rev. Anthony Fisher OP, called on Australia's legal professionals to protect and defend religious freedom in an age of "militant secularism" during Monday's Red Mass.
  11. Scores of Christians on the Run as Violence Continues to Grip Central African Republic

    After five years of violence, hundreds of thousands of people in the Central African Republic are still on the run and facing growing food insecurity as political instability continues to grip the nation.
  12. Ancient Version of Book of Acts Finally Being Decoded, and There May Be a Bonus Discovery

    Experts at the University of Iowa are finally able to look at the pages of a badly damaged ancient manuscript that is believed to contain the Biblical book of Acts, and maybe something else as well.
  13. Pastor Pleads for Protection and Prayers as Syrian Town Endures Attack

    A pastor in the Syrian city of Afrin is asking Christians to pray for his community following days of intense shelling and bombardment by Turkish troops and their allies.
  14. EXCLUSIVE: 'Jesus is Building His Church' Inside Iran, Millions Watching Christian Satellite TV

    Experts who track Christianity around the world say the one place where the faith is growing the most is in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
  15. Damascus Bombs Kill 9 in Christian Village

    Families in Syria are grieving after a barrage of mortars struck a predominately Christian district near Damascus Monday, killing nine and wounding 21 others. 
  16. Last Remaining Fragments of Dead Sea Scroll Deciphered - Here's What It Revealed

    More than 60 years after their discovery, Israeli experts have finally figured out the contents of one of the last two undeciphered fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
  17. Pastor Murdered, Church Burned, Anti-Christian Violence on Upswing in India

    India may be the world's largest democracy, but the government often falls short when it comes to protecting Christians and other minorities from attack by militant Hindus. Just within this past week, two major incidents occurred: one in Tamil Nadu state, and another in Jammu Kashmir.
  18. Ex-Muslim Girl Imprisoned for Converting to Christianity

    A young Nigerian student is sitting in prison after leaving Islam and converting to Christianity.
  19. 'My Life is Completely Different': Former Iranian Muslim Encounters Jesus, Leads 1,500 Muslims to Christ

    Annahita Parsan is emerging as one of the most prominent religious leaders in Europe because of her work reaching Muslims in Sweden with the Gospel. 
  20. 'Double Persecuted': Christian Women Raped, Forced to Marry Muslim Men in 50 Countries

    Christian women could be considered the most vulnerable people in the world right now--persecuted for their faith and their gender.
  21. Indonesia Christians Facing Deportation from US Could Face Persecution if Sent Home

    A U.S. judge likened the Trump administrations plans to deport 51 Indonesia Christians back to their homeland to hundreds of Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazis in 1939.

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