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  1. Tourist Says Visit to North Korea was 'Like Being on Mars'

    Jared Brock got a rare opportunity to visit North Korea as a tourist. "It was like being on Mars," Brock told CBN News. "It's like nothing I've experienced in my entire life."
  2. Victory: Imprisoned Pastor Finally Walks Free

    A Sudanese Pastor is walking free after being falsely imprisoned for nearly two years. 
  3. 'I'm So Happy. I Thank God': Family Reunited with Daughter Kidnapped by ISIS

    An Iraqi Christian girl kidnapped by ISIS three years ago is back home with her family.
  4. Harvest America Surprise: Steve McQueen's Journey to Christian Faith

    Thousands packed a football stadium Sunday for what's come to be known as the Super Bowl Sunday of Christianity. Pastor Greg Laurie has offered some big surprises at previous Harvest America outreaches, and this year was no exception.
  5. Scottish Episcopal Church Approves Same-Sex Weddings

    The Scottish Episcopal Church voted Thursday to redefine marriage, deleting the biblical definition of marriage from its doctrine.
  6. Christian Man Dies After Three Muslim Doctors Refuse to Touch Him

    A Pakistani Christian sewage worker died after three Muslim doctors refused to touch him.
  7. Muslim Radicals Hunt Christians: You Won't Believe Who Came to their Rescue

    As the Muslim fighters, many of them affiliated with ISIS, poured into the compound of their school, the Christians scrambled over a back wall and ran to a neighbor's home.
  8. Christian Convert Faces Death-Sentence Deportation from Sweden to Iran

    Aideen Strandsson told CBN News she secretly converted to Christianity while still living in Iran.
  9. ISIS Attacks in Egypt Could Spark Massive Harvest of Souls

    The violent bloodshed of Egyptian Christians may set the stage for a gospel revival.
  10. ISIS Destroyed Their Churches, but What Their Muslim Neighbors Did Will Surprise You

    ISIS destroyed this Christian monastery until these unlikely heroes stepped in.
  11. Amid ISIS War, Lost Boy and Filipinos Find Hope, Help From CBN

    As clashes between ISIS-linked terrorists and Philippine troops continue, residents of Marawi city suffer from the chaos that has disrupted their lives, especially the children. In one of CBN’s relief operations, our news team met a 12-yr-old boy who got separated from his parents in the crossfire. 
  12. How One Priest Took a Stand For Exploited Sugarcane Workers in the Dominican Republic

    Modern day slavery is still happening today and one priest is working hard to stop it. 
  13. Children Arrested for Going to Vacation Bible School

    Seventy-one children were arrested by Indian authorities on their way to a summer Bible school. 
  14. Family of Jailed Christian Man: He's 'Psychologically Deteriorated'

    An Algerian Christian man who was jailed for insulting Islam could face more violence soon. 
  15. London Attack Came After Experts Warned to Brace for 'Holy Month of Jihad'

    ISIS is calling on its followers to massacre civilians during Islam's holy month of Ramadan, saying violence is a 'beloved" act. One Islamic expert explains, jihadists are promised this huge reward for Ramadan terrorism.
  16. Church of England to 'Baptize' People into New Genders?

    The Church of England may soon be celebrating transgenderism during service.
  17. Christians Urged to Share God's Love 'Where there are no Believers, no Bibles'

    "With more than 2 billion people who haven't had a chance to meet Jesus, it's time … to take a radical stand and say 'This has to end in our generation,'" said Rick Warren.
  18. Operation Blessing Milestone: Hunger Strike Force Makes 35M Miles in 25 Years

    Operation Blessing's Hunger Strike Force has reached several significant milestones. 
  19. 'Miracle Boy' Survives after Nine Minutes Underwater

    In what's being called a "miracle," a 4-year-old boy in England is expected to make a full recovery after falling into a swimming pool and being underwater for nine minutes.
  20. Healing Manchester's Pain: How Billy Graham's Ministry is Making a Difference

    As British police race to prevent additional terrorist attacks, one ministry is working to heal the broken hearts.
  21. ISIS Attacks Unleashed in Southeast Asia

    In the aftermath of the suicide bombing in Manchester, ISIS has unleashed terror in other parts of the world. A bombing in Indonesia and the murder of innocent Christians in the Philippines have law enforcement officials on alert and Asians on edge.

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